Hey, my names Jasmin BADDAZZ I'm a model here in miami fl. I'm Cuban & Colombian. I'm a proud Pisces, the best thing I know how to do is swim away. I love dragons, mermaids, zebras and stories. I want to go to the ball and lose my glass slipper just so I can come back n wax dhat azz! I'm a rare breed , not afraid to be me and get wrapped up in society! Maybe I'm real, or just crazy but I'm ME !! All I can be! I'm a walking weapon 5'2" measurments are 36DD 29 39 , natural hair color dirty blonde! Light brown eyes 26 years old! My birthday is march 20th! Most days you can find me sizzling on the beach or soaking my fins away. I love the ocean and nothing can take me away from it. Im completely devoted to my fans/Supporters and all my pages. A Special thanks to all my family and friends for always believing in me and pushing me to the limit. Show some love to Realshxtflixs, Xianxi Photography, Pvision Graphics, MindfusionFX, Caprio Denakite Photography,, My Logo designer Dio Angelo Bermudez aka Munkz and Hair/Makeup Artist Patricia Pena . Big Big Thanks to you guys and most of all you!! Couldn't have done it without you all !!Kisses xoxo -BADDAZZ